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10 Pretty Sweet Tips

Creating a Pretty Sweet dessert table can be the special touch you are looking for. It’s Pretty Sweet founders Stephanie and Madison have put together some of their tips to help you create your own Pretty Sweet design!

1. Set Your Plan – Write down ideas as you think of them and at do a little Pinterest or Etsy searching for inspiration. Decide early on the number of sweets you’re planning to serve and stick to that number.

2. Over the Top is Over Rated – Keep it simple! A centerpiece for example doesn’t have to be over-the-top, extravagant or expensive. While a beautiful cake can be a showstopper, a wonderful bouquet of flowers in a shabby chic vase can look equally amazing. Whatever you decide, it just needs to be the focal point – something that catches the eye and immediately draws you in.

3. Balance and Symmetry – The easiest way to create a Pretty Sweet table is to have symmetry. For example, if you have cupcakes and cookies on one side, balance it out with something on the other side. Keep in mind symmetry doesn’t mean everything has to be exactly the same on either side of the display. It just needs to be balanced. This is what makes a table look styled as opposed to just set-up.

4. A Few Basics – Don’t over-think your plates, stands and props. By investing in simple white or silver pieces, you’ll be able to use them time and time again.

5. Pick a Color Palette – Don’t go overboard! If your pieces are colorful, then stick to soft colors and if your sweets are colorful, then stick to white or silver pieces. Our #1 rule when selecting colors of candies or sweets, start with at least 3 colors, not 2, not 4 and if you want more than 3, always go with odd numbers.

6. Let it Sparkle – What’s a dessert table without a little sparkle? Some of our favorite bling includes using chrome or silver, mirrors, glass apothecary jars and lights. Just like your color palette, don’t go overboard with the sparkle as it can quickly look crowded and disconnected.

7. Personal Touch – (Pretty Sweet’s favorite tip) Look for that special touch, something that is just so unexpected or fun. One example would be to use a chalkboard and write a personalized message. Keep in mind that adding your own touch doesn’t need to be perfect. It shows your guests that you put thought and love into it.

8. Give it Some Height – A simple backdrop will add height and interest while tying your table together. When placing plates and dishes on your table, stagger the heights of things, while keeping in mind symmetry. Look at everyday item’s to create risers, such as boxes and crates. Be creative and have fun.

9. Uniqueness Counts – Anybody can have cupcakes on a plate and sitting on a table. Try placing a few cupcakes on different type of stand in three different heights and add some flowers either underneath the stands or on the stands. Just this simple adjustment is what will make your table look styled and unique.

10. It’s Pretty Sweet – Just remember that your guests will think whatever you put together is Pretty Sweet, simply because you designed it with them in mind! Creating a Pretty Sweet dessert table isn’t about making it perfect. It’s about having fun with the process of planning, creating, and then having fun sharing it with all your friends!